Escort Dominatrix Munich

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Escort Domina Munich – hot date

It all started quite harmlessly - the escort dominatrix date in Munich with Miss Sonya. I had the special honor of seeing my mistress and dominatrix Miss Sonya on a first-class escort date. First, my mistress allowed me to invite her to a classy dinner to get to know her.

After initial small talk, Miss Sonya suddenly smiled and asked me what I was into. We started exchanging dirty ideas and Miss Sonya whispered in an angelic voice what she could do with my virgin ass. It's hard to imagine that this eloquent and sensual woman sitting across from me could be capable of such diabolical things.

The stories of my dominatrix made my slave cock swell. Miss Sonya noticed this and started pressing her high heels under the table against my swollen balls. Oh, that felt wonderfully forbidden. Seeing that the other guests had no idea that we were here in Munich for an escort dominatrix date made me even hornier.

The escort date in Munich will be bizarre

Now it was finally time and we went up to the room. My heart started racing. "What would my dominatrix and mistress do to me? Will I prove myself as a worthy slave?” I could admire her sexy nylons from behind while I followed my mistress and dominatrix up the stairs. Miss Sonya unlocked the door and I followed her excitedly into the gloomy hotel room.

A minute later I was tied to the bed and Miss Sonya was working on my slave's cock with her hot dominatrix high heels. You press your heels harder and harder against my slave balls. "Well, poor you, are your eggs about to burst?". She drilled her dominatrix high heels a little deeper. It hurt like hell but I caught myself getting extremely horny at the same time.

Foot eroticism at its finest with an escort lady

Now she asked me determinedly "So and now lick my heels clean you little filthy slave! "Yes, Mistress" "That's fine" - her dominant facial expression became increasingly satisfied. She ordered me to take off her shoes. Miss Sonya now stretched out her nylon stockinged, perfect feet towards me. "Well, do you like that, you nylon slave?!" "Yes, Mistress, I like that very much." I immediately wanted to lick your hot nylon feet. "Have I allowed you to taste my feet yet, you loser? I think not!” – A resounding slap hit my face. "Excuse me mistress" "I decide how things go here, you good-for-nothing, do we understand each other?" ordered Miss Sonya with the dominant tone of a strict mistress. "Yes mistress" "It's good that we agree, but I have to punish you now. I hope you know what that means for your slave ass!” I feared the worst. Would I survive the punishment of my escort dominatrix from Munich? "Yes mistress I know"...

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