Latex Domina Munich


My horny latex domina Munich

Latex Domina Munich There she was in full glory and latex outfit. My latex dominatrix Munich Miss Sonya had chosen a very special outfit for today. After all, it was supposed to be a special session. But more on that later... "Well, how do you like your goddess in latex, my little bitch?" "Fantastic mistress, you look perfect as always." She had decided on a blue latex catsuit. Her entire body was covered in tight latex. Wow, what a crazy ass I thought to myself and noticed how my slave cock began to stand up.

Ouch! The chastity cage that my latex dominatrix, Miss Sonya, had sentenced me to, tore me out of my reverie. "Well is your slave cock getting hard already?" remarked Miss Sonya with a smile. “Yes, mistress.” “Well, he will probably have to be patient. I have a few tasks and experiments with you today my bitch. If you fulfill everything to the satisfaction of your latex dominatrix, there may be a reward." "Yes please Mistress, anything you wish."

Polishing my mistress' latex outfit

My first task was to oil my mistress' latex outfit to a high gloss. I enjoyed being able to touch every centimeter of my latex mistress. The way the outfit changes piece by piece into blue high-gloss latex - absolutely amazing. "Very good bitch, looks better already." Miss Sonya looks at herself in the gold-framed mirror. Miss Sonya circled me on her hot high heels and gently ran her index finger over my cock in the chastity cage. I immediately became rock hard, which hurt like hell because of the cramped cage.

I become the real bitch of my latex dominatrix

"Next you're going to be feminized today, doesn't that sound great my little bitch, becoming a real whore?" Miss Sonya began to spread my new outfit out on the bed.

  • a pair of fishnet stockings
  • a latex thong
  • a latex skirt
  • a pair of high heels
  • and a blonde wig

"Come on put that on bitch!" commanded Miss Sonya. I obeyed and changed under the amused looks of Miss Sonya. Oh man, how embarrassing! "Well, how does that feel?" Miss Sonya gently stroked up my fishnet stockings, then boldly grabbed my balls and squeezed them. My cock immediately began to pulsate painfully in the chastity cage. "Feels good, Mistress," I stammered in pain. Miss Sonya snuggled up to me from behind in her dominatrix latex outfit and whispered in my ear, "Now that you look like a real bitch, you'll get fucked like that!"

My pulse started racing. "Yes mistress, I am a little bitch and I would like to be fucked like that." "Good, my bitch!" Miss Sonya began to strap a huge strapon around her latex outfit. "Stretch yourself, you little whore!" My latex dominatrix gave me a vibrator. "Yes Mistress." I pushed the vibrator up my ass. That made me so horny that I thought my cock would burst in the chastity cage. Meanwhile, Miss Sonya lubricated the huge strapon with lubricant. I was torn between infinite horniness at the sight of my latex dominatrix in her hot outfit and fear of this huge strapon. "Lie down!" Miss Sonya pulled me out of my thoughts and pointed to the penalty box. "Now you little bitch will be really fucked"...

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