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Domina escort: Munich and surroundings

Glad you found my page full of fetish and bizarre preferences. Miss Sonya Domina Escort in Munich. My preferences include:

  • Fetish Escort Dates
  • bizarre hotel visits
  • dominant sessions in the hotel
  • Domina escort in Munich

These and other preferences await you. Register now and let yourself be used!

Mistress escort: I am your bizarre escort lady and merciless dominatrix

The fantasy of the dominant and yet highly erotic lady who uses and dominates a submissive man in a bizarre manner has always fascinated me.

Already at the tender age of 19 I found my inclination to bizarre games until I made my first experiences in the dominatrix and BDSM scene. From then on, I was crazy about continuing to live out my bizarre streak and dominating submissive men.

A few years later I can describe myself as an experienced bizarre lady, fetish escort and established dominatrix in Munich. I love using men and making them my devoted slaves. You have to be pretty submissive and tough in order to be able to endure my upbringing.

You will see, I understand the craft of bizarre love in many facets. From provocative, breathtaking lady to merciless dominatrix; from absolute subordination as my submissive slave to highly erotic, bizarre escort dates with fetish elements. how much pain can you take I will find out as part of my dominatrix escort in Munich and the surrounding area... 🙂

Escort Date: A small, bizarre foretaste of your private dominance

Imagine this: I, as your mistress, let you book a chic hotel for our bizarre meeting. Only to then use you according to my preferences. You see me in my stunning outfit. Will it be the bizarre lady in latex? Or the dominatrix in hot nylons that you have to spoil? you give me your money From now on you are completely at the mercy of me and my imagination.

Under my control and my dominant upbringing, you will do what I ask of you. I am your dominatrix escort in Munich and the surrounding area. As my obedient and submissive slave, you must prove to me that you are worthy of me. Much pain and pain await you, but also sweet merits for your absolute obedience. If you master my exams and procedures to my satisfaction, you will enjoy my feminine and erotic side. If you are a particularly hard-working and submissive slave, you may even be allowed to leave Taste the pee of your mistress and private dominatrix in Munich.

We would be happy to go through your wishes in a preliminary talk. As a dominatrix escort in Munich and the surrounding area, I dominate experienced slaves and beginners. If you are a beginner in BDSM and the bizarre and fetish scene, I will introduce you gently, but still test your limits. I am your private mistress and dominatrix for home visits.

When booking for escort, hotel visits, etc., part of the money must always be paid in advance. Also for the dominatrix escort in Munich.

Show your mistress that you are worth it and book now!

In bizarre anticipation

Miss Sonya

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