Femdom pee

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Domina pee - slave drink my hot piss!

Imagine your dominatrix and mistress standing in front of you in a hot fetish latex outfit, you slave. You see her wonderful blond hair, her plump ass in hot latex. The sight makes you lose your mind. How you would like to touch that ass, smell that blond hair. But you are only a worthless slave and you are only the fetish - and BDSM toy of your mistress and dominatrix. This dominatrix who decides about you. The mistress you will do anything for, just to taste domina pee as a reward. But work first, then pleasure...

- you will submit to the horny bondage fantasies of your mistress. - you will fulfill all BDSM and femdom tasks of your dominatrix and mistress unconditionally and to their complete satisfaction - you will have your ass spanked in the hope of a drop of hot piss from your mistress, the hot dominatrix pee.

A long way to the hot pee piss of your dominatrix

Your dominatrix and mistress starts to devote herself to your slave's ass. First with gentle strokes, then harder and harder. Now you see the eyes of your mistress flashing. She will now inspect your ass more closely. You moan in pain. Or with lust?! – You don't know it, but the fetish and BDSM fantasy is just too hot and the hot looks from your mistress almost make you explode.

But you have to persevere. You know what happens to a disobedient slave. No reward, no pee, no hot piss from your mistress. So don't screw it up. So you continue to endure the torture. You're as close to madness as you've ever been. Your ass is now fully stretched and stuffed. Your pee dominatrix shifts up a gear and fixes you. Caught in this bondage you are completely at the mercy. But it's worth it you feel it. Your mistress is more and more satisfied with her BDSM slave.

The reward- the femdom pee of your blonde mistress

Now the time has come. Your mistress is satisfied with your pained whine. She takes pity on you and frees you from the BDSM bondage. With a firm voice she commands "On the floor my slave now you will taste my hot piss, my femdom pee." You lie down and your mistress stands over you in her hot outfit and lets her hot pee rain on you. You taste half thirsty from the hot, warm piss. And jerks your slave cock faster and faster. Now it comes to you as hard as it has never come to you. Your mistress smiles mischievously and lets you lie in the hot piss. What a great feeling to have been used by your mistress and dominatrix and to taste her golden shower... Until the next session. Maybe with pee from your dominatrix...

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