Domina Escort Munich by Miss Sonya

Domina Escort in Munich

I am Miss Sonya your Domina Escort Date in Munich for the gentleman who likes the high class BDSM world. I like the
Femdom and Domina Play in every nuance and enjoy to live out my sadistic site. For our Domina Escort date in Munich i will think of a very special treatment for you. Either we can enjoy our Domina Escort session in the beautiful luxury hotels of Munich or you meet me in one of the best studios in Bavaria and Munich- the Domina Studio Elegance Munich. For our Femdom and Domina date I will wear premium bizarr Latex clothes or Lingerie from my Fetish Galleries. I will be your Mistress and Domina to seduce your slave mind till you fully submit to me. I will become your Goddess from Munich, to whom you obey and fully surrender your body and soul. You need to take all my kinky orders and fulfill my bizarr tasks and fantasies to get a sweet reward in the end.

A full day of work in Munich – for my Domina and Mistress

Imagine you are in the city of Munich officially for work. But you know this is just a lie you can tell your boss or wife. You are here to meet your Mistress Miss Sonya for a mind-blowing fetish session. Your Mistress will examine all of your holes real accurately and deep to check if you are ready for the real fun. Imagine how beautiful, how perfect your Domina looks in her shiny latex dress. You can barely concentrate, you will start to
literally tremble from pure excitement. Now your Domina has a special toy for you this time. She smiles in a sadistic way at you and calmly takes on her biggest Strapon. Your little slave ass will get penetrated extremely deep this time. She starts to slowly loop up the big Strapon in front of you. „And now turn around slave!“ Miss Sonya says gentle but with a certain voice.
You start to feel the Strapon filling you out more and more.
You panic a bit if maybe this was a bit too big?! But it just feels too good to stop now. Anyway your Mistress knows exactly whats best for her slave, so you just continue to getting used by her and serve as a good submissive toy…
What a good day at work in Munich, wasn’t it?

If you consider yourself a gentleman who knows the value of a perfect and classy woman and also his place as her slave, don’t hesitate to contact me for a Domina Escort Session in Munich or Bavaria so we can play bizarr games soon.

You can find my next appointments and cities here.

Or check out when I am available for studio sessions in the Studio Elegance Munich

Awaiting your submissive services

Miss Sonya

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